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Judy Is A Long Sitter
Know your Treme or Basilar Vein o Resnthal Illiminated on the form of a highway
Transaxial or You Push I Pull
By Elements Arrive By Elements Depart
"Super Girls"  James Harold Jennings
Cosmic Rain
The Walking  Fish
Ghost of the Chontal
Cat Lover
The Young Phararoh
Making Hats  19.5 x 19.5
Black Birds  23.5 x 31.5
Wings 9.5 x 12
Three Worlds 9.5 x 12
The Collector 9.5 x 12
Sun Man 19.5 x 19.5
Inspiration  9.5 x 12
Big Horse 9.5 x 12
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Michael Smith

2802 Shady Lawn Dr


North Carolina 27408

Open by appointment only.


(336) 908-2915



Excited about The National Gallery of Art Library in D.C. asking me to contribute to the gallery collection. I have been negotiating with the Chief of the Department of Image Collections and the Image Specialist for Modern Art in order to donate to their Collections from Photographers. The NGA lawyers are drafting a deed of gift for future transfer of copyright, so my thirty years of documenting self taught artists will have a permanent home. Thanks to Gregg and Lisa at the National Gallery for ushering me through the process to develop the Michael E. Smith Archive. I am hopeful I won't be required to stand quietly next to my slides for my remaining years but I am very happy my work has a place to go!
Current art in our Gallery




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