Wendy Collin Sorin

Wendy Collin Sorin

Durham, NC


My work is a meditation on the grid, the passing of time, and the deconstruction of language. Recent and current series are inspired by found paper collected from my travels.

The selections for At Home Gallery come from three series of works;


              Vienna Sketchbook


Drawings from a sketchbook purchased in Vienna. Layers of discarded notes, sketches and collage covered by zigzag patterning.



The Querida Series are notes toward a cover image for a chapbook-in-process by a poet friend.


                 Liebe Gretel!                      

Drafts of love letters purchased at a Vienna flea market were the catalyst

for the Liebe Grete!series. A manila folder labeled "Grete 1978 1979 1980"

was in a pile of other cast-off paper ephemera for sale. The German “alte schrift” handwriting, which is difficult to read, was made more unreadable by cutting the pages into squares and narrow bands: the old style writing deconstructed and

recombined into a post-modern grid. From what my German language translators were able to discern, Josef was an architect, a father of two young sons. His relationship to Grete is unclear:his wife? mistress? And did he ever transfer these notes to stationery and send them to her?


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