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Welcome George Lowe!

George Lowe has drawn since childhood and immersed himself into the artist’s culture.

Visiting museums and galleries from his home base in Clearwater, Florida his family encouraged his interest in art and travel. Eventually his visual impressions began to manifest in his artwork.

As time went by, he started a career in television as a voice actor who became well known through his character Space Ghost: Coast to Coast that he maintained for a decade.

All the while he honed his skills as an artist with complex landscapes which contain references to topography, cryptography, micro-biology, architecture and spaces that morph from the physical world to the meta-physical.

George once said, “When I draw it’s as if the cartoon guy goes away and becomes this serious artist. It really feels like two different lives.

The artwork bridges both worlds and offers a kaleidoscopic view of imagination that At Home Gallery is excited to reveal.

George Lowe’s drawings are in the permanent collection of the High Museum of Art, CNN/Turner Broadcasting, The MFA St. Petersburg, The Polk Museum, The Georgia Museum in Athens as well as many prominent private collections.

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