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Soon..... The art of Eugene Chadbourne

At Home Gallery will soon be featuring the art of Eugene Chadbourne...The task of describing the life and work of Eugene Chadbourne (aka Doc Chad) is more than daunting. His music is unique and spans almost thirty years of music-making and include so many important contributions to music and art.

He is truly a Renaissance man, a rebel among rebels. The list of artists he has collaborated with runs into pages. Camper Van Beethoven, John Zorn, Aki Takase, Jimmy Carl Black, and the Violent Femmes are just a handful, appearing in clubs, galleries and festivals and in one case, a command performance with Tony Trischka for William S. Burroughs.

The cassette and subsequent CD-r revolution gave Doc Chad plenty of opportunity not only to create art but to revolutionize and popularize the idea of homemade packaging, involving recycling and the reinvention of objects, drawing the attention of the Cartiers Fondation design studio and becoming part of an exhibit in contemporary creative packaging at the Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Doc Chad began painting as a way to pass the time on tour. Now collectors have the opportunity to acquire his works. Following a very productive studio work period, the good Doc is now finally satisfied, has cleaned up the studio and is making the collection available.These works include painting and sculptures and items that meet somewhere in between. Imagery is often based on travel experiences while objects involved in creating the works are nothing less than the detrius of this musician's existence, collected over decades.

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