Minnie Melon

Minnie Melon a.k.a. Dot Blue, Janet Schaefer lives in a rural paradise in North Carolina with her husband and pets. A retired teacher - she currently spends her time tending to her world and expanding it through her amazing art work.


Inspired by her personal beliefs that span Buddhism to philosophy, she has learned what Thoreau refers to as "the infinite extent of our relations" and how we can trace the strands of mutually supportive life - wisdom grounded in the empathetic resonance with all forms of life.


Minnie paints and collages on canvas with acrylics and creates beautiful water colors on paper as well. Like Matisse she strives to use pure color.


To quote Minnie; "Although the subject matter changes, I often use similar images for the sake of unity. Occasionally these paintings are informed by my dreams.My last art dream was encouragement to paint more wildly"




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