Mike Jones

Mike Jones is a very versatile man - stone carver, jazz musician and visionary artist, this Georgia master carver turns the granite scraps from the quarry near where he lives into amazing creations.

When pressed for an "artist's statement" Mike says "I always say I am creating forms for spirits to inhabit. Some pieces nothing will happen but in but some pieces, something moves in before I barely get started. These are my best works."

"I play jazz.  I guess that explains it."

Mike Jones work is influenced by master carvers of the ages, historical influences and mixed with his own wild unique style.

This artist brags, with a sly smile on his face, that his work has a 5,000 year guarantee. His work populates my desk and my gallery. I have no doubt is will be here long after everything else is gone. 

Of course it would look pretty good in your house as well...

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