Kevin Calhoun

Born in Surry County in 1972, Kevin spent his childhood working along side of his grandparents on their farm. His rural paradise included swimming, fishing in the Little Fish River and his best memories included planting corn, tobacco and vegetable gardens.

At 18 a rebellious Kevin joined the Marines and traveled the world meeting people from many races, religions and cultures. He  entered college after leaving the military with a healthy skepticism of authority and a love of literature and a passion for art.

A loving marriage and three kids he painted off and on while building his business and taking care of his family - at the age of 40 he began to paint with a passion and obsession to create.

A prominent art critic describes Kevin's work as "free form abstractionist - whimsical, playful and experimental."

In Kevin's words; "My art is a reflection and exploration of my psyche. The process is at times a quiet reflective place where relentless, racing thoughts can be reasoned and at other times a chaotic episode where thoughts are abandoned and raw emotion is in control. The canvas is a resting place for these different experiences. Silent and patiently waiting for me to return."

Please note At Home Gallery is offering smaller studies and canvas pieces to illustrate Kevin's style. Larger format works will be available in the future and we will sponsor and encourage studio visits.


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