Master folk potter Billy Ray Hussey surveys his pottery on a beautiful North Carolina morning..



Brad Martin, Taos, New Mexico master artist has been creating leather creations for over 45 years. We are excited to feature some of his leather carved and painted pictures. Brad employs native American, nature and a wide variety of themes in his creations. This amazin...


At Home Gallery will be rolling out selections of NC's iconic folk artist James Harold Jennings.  Watch this space!!


Join us Saturday December 15th for AT HOME FOLK ART GALLERY Open House from noon till 5. (2802 Shady Lawn Drive Greensboro, NC 27408)  

Come have look at the new art and old featuring awesome selections of self taught art from nationally and internationally known artist...


George Lowe has drawn since childhood and immersed himself into the artist’s culture.

Visiting museums and galleries from his home base in Clearwater, Florida his family encouraged his interest in art and travel. Eventually his visual impressions began to manifest in hi...


Julia Sisi - "Ask The Bird"

Acrylic, pen & ink on canvas. 91/2" x 12" 2016. Please contact me


Julia Sisi - "Endless Chess

" acrylic, pen & ink on canvas. 91/2" x 12" 2016.  Please contact me  SOLD


Julia Sisi - "Space Map" acrylic, pen & ink on canvas. 91/2" x 12" 2016. Please contact me


9 1/2" x 12" Acrylic paint, pen & ink on canvas 2016. Please contact me SOLD

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