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 Atsu Azechi

Atsu Azechi

Born in Osaka ,Japan in '56, Atsu Azechi recognized her interest in oil painting in her teens . Self taught, she started to paint portraits of American blues artists, fascinated by the music and the culture. She also discovered printmaking during this period.In the last  several decades, Atsu has concentrated on fabric appliqué pieces and unique accessories. Her use of exotic Japanese fabrics adds depth and  complexity. She continues to explore her fascination with American blues.


And, as a pacifist and feminist, Atsu also makes beautiful works about her Motherland, Japan and  about strong women images. She continues to live in Japan, making art full time. She’s not a musician, but she clearly loves American popular music.


Many of Azechi’s subjects are anonymous musicians, but a few are identified as well-known singers and players. A portrait of Elmore James appears on one of her handbags, while Big Joe Williams is portrayed in a small, square composition.

Blues Band    26" x 45"

Blues Band 26" x 45"

Fabric applique & mixed media

Elmore James    18" x 19"

Elmore James 18" x 19"

Fabric applique mixed media

Washboard Sam    12" x 21"

Washboard Sam 12" x 21"

Fabric applique

Love    20" x 22"

Love 20" x 22"

Fabric applique with mixed media

Poet    18" x 23"

Poet 18" x 23"

A fog in the beginning it has not worried life is lifting Fabric applique with mixed media

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