Amy Mothersbaugh

Amy Mothersbaugh has been an Ohio artist since 1983. She comes from a large family of artists & musicians who all began their careers while in Cuyahoga Falls. Amy's Mothersbaugh brothers founded the 80's seminal band DEVO.


An illustrator and teacher, Amy started creating her ‘portable water color study series’ while caring for her aging parents. This At Home Gallery collection contains part of the many studies of butterflies, moths and insects created during those years (at last tally she had created over 260 original pieces).


Amy’s Alit bug series show first debuted when the mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, Mayor Don Walters, presented a city-wide proclamation stating January 12 to be Amy Mothersbaugh Day. She won Outstanding Visual Artist of Akron from SAS for 2019, and was given a lifetime art achievement award from Lakeland.


Alit, the name of the series, describes how a butterfly or moth stops only for a moment to refresh itself, before flying on with the conviction that another opportunity awaits. Amy is now progressing to what awaits in the next phase of her art career. Her show, Alit is both a metamorphosis, and a celebration of what is to come. 


Her enthusiasm was sparked after seeing a private collection of insects and bugs in storage that had been donated to the Akron Zoological Park, Ohio. Many years ago, a local entomologist had traveled the world collecting rare specimens and putting them into display boxes. His collecting started so long ago, that many of these insects and bugs were now extinct or endangered. The zoo will probably never be able to legally display this massive collection, due to conservation laws, and to deter the killing and collection of insects. Amy was given permission to photograph the collection and these have been an inspiration for many of her studies.


At Home Gallery is proud to make available a selection of her incredible paintings/drawings. Please contact us for any special requests. Amy will gladly do commissions on your favorite bugs!!!


Says Amy, “I draw the image, water color in probably four layer with with Kuretake Gansai water colors, I detail with micron, sharpie & zig permanent ink pens on 140lb cold press watercolor paper” 

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