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Welcome to At Home Gallery.


I'm Michael Smith gallery owner, long time collector and dealer of self taught art. My interests developed in the early 90's travelling the back roads of the South, meeting with many folk and outsider artists documenting, photographing icons of the field including James Harold Jennings, Royal Robertson, Howard Finster, Mary T. Smith, S.L. Jones, Benny Carter, Billy Ray Hussey, Jeff Zenick, Sarah Rakes, Jimmy Lee Sudduth and many others.


Soon my gallery developed and decades later I have worked with, sold and collected many artists works adding teaching opportunities, appraisals, shows, photography projects for magazines to coffee table books and video documentaries. I have since  expanded to European folk inspired contemporary artists like Julia Sisi and Dan Casado. I am always on the lookout for dynamic and exciting art, so please check back frequently for new works of art!


By appointment - please call (336) 908-2915


“Every artist was first an amateur.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson
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